Addicted to Exercise

I joined all the classes available in both my old and new lives. I made friends in those classes as well as in church activities. Body and soul always look for new activities.





Friendless No More


Cat House

I don’t remember if it was early in my first or second winter as part of the Atria family that I noticed a timid kitten cowering near the “E” door. It was not totally neglected; someone provided occasional bowls of food and water and it seemed to find shelter somewhere as even the comparatively mild Tucson winter grew too cold for easy outdoor living.


Much later I learned whose kind heart was behind these loving gestures. Even later I found out that a feline-friendly resident had adopted this lonely little one and had taken the measures to render it into an an acceptable indoor citizen — cold and friendless no more. 

O, Loss of Legs!

Her hundred-year-old legs — long faithful servants — now are failing her. How can this be? Her former independence is a vestige of her past. Decisions are not just figments of the mind but subject to physical vagaries.

At least she has the blessings of a catly companion when human ones are no longer readily available. Age has its curses and its blessings.

A tiny Turtle Treasure


My latest turtle is tiny and shiny and comes to me from Hawaii by way of my dear daughter. Its head and legs and tail tremble at a touch. Upon its back are a family, each one smaller than the one it supports. Its color is a gleaming caramel in a ceramic material. Its length is barely an inch.


My blogging sometimes is my ministry. I had not realized the extent to which this is true. Those to whom I address my ruminations let me know in their reactions the depth of their feelings and their appreciation of my expression and my empathy.

Losing Neighbors

 Goodbye, Marcia, goodbye Tawny and Misty. Goodbye, John and Bear and Saint Francis. Goodbye to your lares and penates that you’ve shared with us neighbors. (What has become of your bristlecone pine, a memento that reminds me of my long-ago partner who first made me aware of this unique natural leaving, so sharp to the touch — almost sculptural in appearance?)

Life’s unexpected developments sunder the routines to which we’ve grown accustomed; we must prepare for a life in someplace new, someplace far away, hopefully better for all concerned. Plans for life here are shattered, but perhaps a new one will emerge. That’s where the focus now must be — a sunset soon to become a sunrise. 

A Meditation on Senses

How does it feel
To be locked in a worked
To which neither
Vision nor hearing have keys?
A lonely place gradually
Closing in around you,
A place of cotton wool
And darkness
Is this a life
Or mere existence?